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Eddy Widjaja

Management, Business Planning, Marketing, Brand/Product Management, Education & Training


  • Planning-
  • Management-
  • Marketing-
  • Online-


  • Education and training-
  • Manufacturing-
  • Retail trade-

Spoken Languages:

Primary Locations:

  • Central and North Sydney-
  • South & South West Sydney-
  • West Sydney and Blue Mountains-

Current Occupation:

Business Mentor, Trainer & Lecturer

Detailed CV:

I am passionate about entrepreneurship and business management as I have been building my career in marketing management industry with industry leaders. In my career, I have the opportunities to develop and implement business strategies, marketing campaigns and manage the innovation for these businesses. 

Aside from business/marketing management in Asia Pacific region, I have helped building the organisations' talents in the region to help the sustainability of the businesses. I have coached marketing managers and brand managers through a number of category planning, brand planning and new product development workshops, as I believe in building the organisation's muscle for sustainable growth. In addition, I am passionate in launching new business venture, as well as growing the business.


  • MMGT Macq. (Master of Management)
  • Certified Practising Marketer (Australian Marketing Institute)
  • Training and Assessment qualifications
  • Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • Advanced Diploma of Marketing

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