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Here are some comments from previous SBMS clients.

Meeting Ken is the best thing that has happened to my business and was $180.00 well spent. He has pointed us in the right direction and I am looking forward to seeing the difference it is going to make. I cannot speak highly enough of Ken!
Rhonda Woods
Terry spent 2 hours with me and was helpful. I had already done a lot of research and downloaded your business plan which I had completed. But Terry was very good - and it is always good to go over your ideas. He was particularly strong in finance and daily costs which were probably the biggest help.
Alexandra Lee
Valuable sessions assisted me to define future directions for myself and my business. Strategies to get there were offered as well as hints on improving profitability and staff management. Janet was a valuable sounding board and it was also worthwhile to have sessions away from the business location.
Jane Spencer
We have a business not making money. We were blaming the high rent and thought that by moving to a shop with cheaper rent that it would help solve the problems. Peter worked through operating expenses to show us that nothing can save our business. Time to close the doors.
Lynne Graham
Profitability is improving following marketing advice and the need for persistence advocated by Brenda. Ideas suggested by Brenda are being implemented resulting in a more structured approach to marketing”.
Jack Ward
The main focus of our discussions was company structure, both for now and the future. In general though Amos has been an excellent help and I hope he can continue to be a Mentor for me. I have booked four further sessions”.
Seamus O’Riordan
John provided invaluable business advice based on his broad experience. Key areas of advice were finance and marketing. I believe the real value is helping me question the direction of business activities. Overall John is a great support to my business”.
Adam Fox
Glen Waverley
Colin’s breakeven analysis was very useful and has given me a target to aim for”.
Karen Williams
St Kilda
I felt that the service was of an excellent standard. It was invaluable for me to have someone with prior business experience to give advice. It helped me to make major decisions - both personal and business. The cost of the service and the fact that I can use it again is very helpful”.
Thomas Parker
It was refreshing to have someone from outside our business to give advice. We also received information to help in making contacts in certain market areas. It reinforced the fact that we need to do certain things to keep the business on track and advance it in the future. Thanks”.
Peter Duncan

NB Client names and locations have been changed to protect their privacy